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EARTH IS A GLOBE (& the Moon Exists) w/ Investigate Joe Rogan (The Return/Revenge) Breadsheet

Investigate Joe Rogan returned to sheet the bread a second time! History = Made! That’s right, two of the top 1200 most famous famousman of the dingus-debunk-o-sphere had a conversation, recorded it, and now it’s a sizable chunk of this podcast episode. Give ‘er a listen, if you’re nasty. Or even if you’re not! Also: I (Hoss) recommend a couple things |   Hoss News? Yes |    New music!  |   Ol’ Investigate’s theme song is 3 minutes long!  |   Kevin & Max! recorded an impromptu song and it’s good  |   Subscribe to the Investigate Joe Rogan podcast: Follow Investigate Joe Rogan on Twitter: @investigatejoe I have a unique YouTube address now too! Here’s other stuff: RM Brown’s YouTube Channel (which Hoss Recommended and is great): Michigan State Senator Mallory McMorrow’s awesome speech in full, with commentary from the kings and queens over at Majority Report afterwards: INVESTIGATE DOUGH ROGAN MARK 2 Support Hoss AND get the best album ever made (THE SOUNDS OF BREADSHEET) at Visit for ALL YOUR HOSS NEEDS OTHERZ: Twitter: @hoss_bossman Instagram: @hoss_bossman Twitch: hoss_bossman Check out Hoss’s YouTube channel: Go to to leave me a message and I’ll probably play it on the show, as long as it isn’t racist! ~Other Links~ Main webpage/hub: or Email: Follow me on Letterboxd: — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
  1. EARTH IS A GLOBE (& the Moon Exists) w/ Investigate Joe Rogan (The Return/Revenge)
  2. 34 – To Hell in a {BREAD} Basket w/ YouTube's WE'RE IN HELL!!! | +The Batman vs. Network | +The Best Intro in Ages
  3. 33 – RE-DOWNLOAD SPOTIFY – FoB PHILOSOPHER KING Ben Burgis was on Joe rogan?!? + a "serious" original song at the end | an itty bitty babySode
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