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Hoss is working on monetizing all the YouTubes and podcasts, but his brain is not the smartest, so he’s currently juggling making enough money to eat and house himself AND trying to fix society. Breadsheet is available on most major podcast platforms and society is already like 85% fixed, as you surely know by now. Please support Hoss Bossman on Patreon to help him eat food and also for Fancy.👇🤜💥🤛👇

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I made the original trailer for this show before I had any idea how I was going to DO the show. I talk about that fact IN the trailer. I really liked the old one–it was scrappy n' crappy, which is kinda my thang, but I needed a little polish on the first thing people might hear. I'll release an itty bitty babysode soon in which I memorialize and eulogize the original. That'll also include a couple of songs from my upcoming guest INTELLECTUAL DARK WAVE. I guess I shouldn't be so specific about when I'm releasing this. It needs to be evergreen. Oh well. Love ya. — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
  1. Breadsheet Mission Statement
  2. TrueAnon’s Brace Belden Makes the Case for Electing a Literal Baby President | We DO NOT Discuss Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, or The World Cup
  3. Hoss Recites: "The Second Advent" by Mark Twain
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