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Hoss is working on monetizing all the YouTubes and podcasts, but his brain is not the smartest, so he’s currently juggling making enough money to eat and house himself AND trying to fix society. Breadsheet is available on most major podcast platforms and society is already like 85% fixed, as you surely know by now. Please support Hoss Bossman on Patreon to help him eat food and also for Fancy.👇🤜💥🤛👇

Vote for Me: Why Did I Just Publish a 2-Minute Podcast Episode? | A Breadsheet Explanation | TeenySode? Breadsheet

VOTE FOR ME TO WIN THE COOL RODE AUDIO GEAR AT please and thank you! It'd be a BREADSHEET miracle! Short answer: I entered a contest, I worked real hard on those 2 minutes, and I thought y'all SHEETHEADZ might enjoy it as well. Longer answer (just copied and pasted from the entry's episode's description): Howdy sheetheads! This episode of Breadsheet is the way it is because it's an entry into a 2-minute podcast contest thing that the Australian audio gear company RODE is putting on. I really wanna win, so go to or visit my Twitter profile at and go to the link in my pinned tweet to vote for me. As I post this, the link to vote for me hasn't been generated yet, because I haven't officially entered the contest, so I'll try and remember to come back and update this description with a link… so there might be one below by the time you're reading this. There's a people's choice category, which is what you'd be voting for, but the other winners are gonna be JUDGED by some podcasting big wigs. Wish me luck! Or that I break a leg. Showbiz… break a leg, I think is what you say. I'm posting a special other Microsode of BREADSHEET that'll contain this 2-minute podcast, more in the way of explanation, PLUS a micro-monologue from ya boi HOSS BOSSMAN AND a new A MINOR BLUES JAM song. I have some FUNTASTIC guests coming up, so make sure and come back REAL soon. Mwah. — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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