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28 – Remembering Tom T. Hall with Poetry/Cold Brew/Advice King Chris Crofton Breadsheet

Listen to Tom T. Hall and check out Chris Crofton and go to to see more Hoss things. I don’t have much time to write a description so I’m gonna just copy and paste the descri[ption from a YouTube clip I put up of Chris Crofton earlier this year, which is why this description doesn’t make any sense AFTER you get past this list of Tom T. Hall songs I want you to go listen to now: I Washed My Face in the Morning Dew Hang ‘em All (Get the Guilty) America the Ugly Turn it on, Turn it on, Turn it on I Want to See the Parade The Man Who Hated Freckles 100 Children Do you have friends or family members with bad brains? What if it's not their brains that are bad, but the information therein? Chris Crofton tells a simple but powerful story about having his world rocked by a kind person who was willing to sit down with him and explain why his ideas were bad / dumb / wrong. Yeah, right-wingers are infuriatingly and stubbornly wrong much of the time, and it's understandable if we lose our patience from time to time (I just lost my patience with a ding-dong who was spreading dangerous lies about COVID so I'm really just writing this part of the description to make me feel better. Anyway, Chris Crofton FRICKIN' RULES. This awesome edition of Chris's Nashville Scene column ADVICE KING pairs nicely with this clip. Here it is written: …and here he is reading it on Instagram video (Crofton's IG is @thecroftonshow, go subscribe to him to see more): Can people learn compassion? How do we cultivate the humility required to learn from our mistakes and recognize our ignorance? What is the guy who opens old cans on YouTube gonna do when he runs out of old cans to open? These. These are the questions. Chris Crofton is a true renaissance man: musician, comedian, poet, singer, songwriter, meme generator, beacon of light and humanity in this dark dark world, and now, GUEST ON BREADSHEET! How exciting! What are we doing here? What is my purpose? ANSWER: to spread light and love, a la Chris Crofton. Check out Chris Crofton's weekly stream on Twitch: Follow Chris Crofton on Twitter: @thecroftonshow Follow Chris Crofton on Instagram: @thecroftonshow Read Chris Crofton’s Advice King Column in Nashville Scene: Get Chris Crofton’s album Hello, It’s Me on Apple Music: …and on Spotify: Music video for “UFO Hunters” by Chris Crofton: This album got an NPR highlight positive review thing, but it also got like 7.4 or something on Pitchfork, and you know what meanies those people can be. Follow Hoss on Twitter and Instagram: @hoss_bossman Support Hoss on Patreon at Find Breadsheet on your podcast app of choice at Check out Hoss’s YouTube channel: Thanks for watchin’, and please check below to find all the many, many places on the web to find Hoss Bossman things. Go to to leave me a message and I’ll probably play it on the show, as long as it isn’t racist! — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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